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        Learning in doing





        Years ago I thought English speech is nothing but just writing a draft and reading it in front of audience, then the people clap for them. After I tried doing it for myself I finally know how hard it is.


        When I just came to Maple leaf I was just a grade four student with nothing, but slowly by the help of teachers I found out the importance of a good speech.


        First when I entered maple leaf I had zero knowing about speech telling, till I entered my first English speech competition. It wasn’t what I dreamed of I entered the semi finals and stopped there it turned out that the competition’s score was based on the performance but not the speech itself, but what else could I do? I had to wait for another chance to prove myself, well, efforts paid off I entered a contest that fit me still didn’t get what I want. I just had to keep on working.



        For the next one year I pushed myself as hard as I could and of course got the score I was proud of. But it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more I worked even harder. At last I had everything I dreamed for, after that I didn’t stop my footsteps ,I was like an endless hole never full and always wanted more, even though I didn’t do that well in the contest this year, I believe if I work hard enough, efforts pay.




        Don’t see English speech as just a hobby , it’s also a way to build strong self-confidence, self-confidence is the key to success, so be full of confidence, full of hope。


        At last I want to tell you In the process of changing yourself, you may lose your original self, but after the change, you may be thankful for the one who dares to break through. Thank you.