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        A new start in my life---Yiwu Maple Leaf International School




        In my impression, English is always the first one of all the subjects. I began to know English from kindergarten, and during my primary school, I was always the best in English which makes me confident and begin to love English. The interesting language, vivid statements and family relief, all above help me find my way.



        Gradually, I was not satisfied with being the first place in the school, I wanted a bigger challenge, at this time, I learned about Yiwu Maple Leaf International School.


        在義烏楓葉學校 我結識了許多同樣熱愛英語的朋友,這讓我更有動力去學習英語,我們在學習上互相幫助互相學習,也在學習上暗暗較勁,這讓我更想超過他們,我想成為高手中的高手。

        At yiwu maple leaf, I got to know many friends who also love English, which makes me more motivated to learn English. We help each other in learning and secretly compete with each other in learning, which makes me want to surpass them and become the best among the best.


        I began to make efforts from the speech before class to increase my speaking experience, which was of great help to my English. I even went on stage to share my learning experience, and my efforts paid off. I entered class A, which not only improved my strength, but also implied that I would face more and stronger opponents.



        For me, speech has always been my weakness, I dare not to show myself, what I can do is only to give some advice quietly. Every time I speak, I always blush and talk incoherently. I once wanted to give up the debate, but the teacher's words touched me: Practice makes perfect,you can do that! In order not to let the teacher down, I decided to start again, others can do that, I certainly can do, too!


        In order to make myself better, I participated in many kinds of English competitions, including speaking competition and debate. Even though I still didn't do very well, but teachers and parents always encourage me. As a result, I have accumulated a lot of experience over and over again in the failure. Even if I forget the words, I can deal with it. And my teachers and parents are gratified to see that. I was quite proud before, but I understand that however strong you are, there's always someone stronger, I will continue to work hard!



        Now I have joined Deng Yingchao class, I am full of hope for the future; I hope my English can be improved to a higher level. I will continue to study English hard, all this I need to thank to my original choice: to join the maple leaf family, if I had not made this choice, everything will be different.